Can I be perfectly honest with you today?

Henry and I went to the Christmas dog parade in Breckenridge this evening. To be honest, I almost didn't go, because I was missing Max, my other Newfoundland dog who was with us last year, but passed away this autumn.

But if you want to know what I'm most happy and (yes, apprehensive) about this year, it's this book. It's my first book since I published A Map of Heaven four years ago.  
In the end, Henry and I went to the parade and I'm glad we did. And I'm glad I took the chance and published a new book this year.

I've discovered when you're feeling blue it's better to get out and be part of the world, rather than hiding away at home, as I usually do when I'm feeling sad.

After the parade I even stayed for the tree lighting of the Christmas tree in center of town. It was beautiful.

The Best Christmas is a collection of daily devotionals, or short essays. They tell the story of Christmas but more than that I hope they describe why Jesus is such an important part of our life today and every day.
I hope you'll take a look and maybe take a read. I hope it will inspire you to have the best Christmas ever.


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