Help Me Choose My Next Book Cover And Win a Book!

I'm coming out with a 31-day devotional in March. 

As usual,  I've created a number of book covers and can't decide on my favorite. 
You can help me, by choosing the one you like best!
Please leave a comment with the number of the cover you like best.

One entry will receive your choice 
of an ebook or paperback copy of the book with the winning design.

Thank you for your help!

Cover 1: Butterfly and Flower

Cover 2: Blue Bird

Cover 3: Flowers and Envelope

Cover 4: Pink Flower Border

Cover 5: Pink Rose Lower Border

Cover 6: Grey Scroll Border

Cover 7: Red Poppy Cover

Cover 8: Yellow Flower Cover

Cover 9: Red Poppy Border Bottom

Well...which will it be?


Anonymous said…
They are all good my favorite is #3 flowers and envelope and than I like the one with the pink roses on the bottom.
Gail Demaree
Unknown said…
I like #6! It's so pretty!
Vickee said…
They are all very beautiful, but I like number three for the concept of waiting on God like we excitedly wait for a letter from a loved one.
I like number six the best. The others are pretty, but I don't care for the spacing of the words with the flowers.

Number one would be my favorite if the font or the spacing could be changed to bring the words in closer together.

Amanda Ray said…
I, personally, like #1, #4 and #6- I love butterflies so naturally #1 caught my eye however with the title and the back cover I like 4 & 6
crystaley73 said…
I like number 5.
crystaley73 at yahoo dot com
I like 4. It seems the most peaceful. I do not care for the bright colors.
Leah said…
I love cover #2 with the bird and full color. I think the full illustration draws attention and makes people interested. Well, that's what it would to to me. :P

Good luck!
Anonymous said…
#5. Pink roses lower border is my favorite!!!
larramiefg said…
I like #4, clean, simple, and direct.
carol said…
My favorite's #8.

carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com
Anonymous said…
I love the Bluebird c0ver (#2).
Unknown said…
I like the Cover 6: Grey Scroll Border the best.
danette said…
I like #6 as it is plain simple and light . I think it is not over done and looks the best .
annette said…
I'm drawn to #1.its bright and like the butterfly and simple :)
Beckey said…
Oh goodness, they are all lovely. I find myself liking 3, 5, and 6 equally. But Something about the simplicity of the gray scroll work...
aaronnssd said…
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