About Suzanne Elizabeth

I embrace the idea that we are all quirky, scared, joyful, depressed, eccentric, and most of all longing to connect with one another.
I've built a business around the belief that we can connect through sharing meals and conversations and good books.
I write inspirational books because I want to grow closer to God, but I have so many questions...writing is the only way I can keep the dialogue going.
I write to explore our relationship with God, family, friends, and our search for love. 
I don't pretend to have all or any answers, just a very questioning mind that gets so filled with ideas that I have to write them down to make room for new ones. 
My blog features weekly essays that describe my walk of faith. If you're new to my blog, welcome!
I also include weekly recipes. A year ago, I struggled to cook a vegetable based dinner even once a week. Meatless Monday? I was lucky if I made it once a month. Now I love finding new healthy ways to eat so that I feel as good inside as I do outside.
I am an avid cook and enjoy wearing aprons that reflect my love of fabrics.
But when I went looking for aprons, they were either too expensive or too short or too flimsy or too cheesy.
So I taught myself how to sew and started creating my own. 
Everything you discover on Suzanne Elizabeth's reflects my belief that each of us has a special purpose in life, something we are meant to accomplish and share with others. 
I hope that you'll share this journey with me and let me know more about you and where you're headed.
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You can reach me at: suzanne@suzanneelizabeths.com


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