Do You Feel Inadequate to Share Your Faith?

Do you ever feel embarrassed to share your faith?

I do.

Which is why I often write about my own doubts and insecurities in my relationship with God, rather than trying to convince anyone else to do things my way.

These verses from the Apostle Paul have changed my perspective.

No matter how inadequate I feel, I don't have to worry. If I am willing to get out of my own way, the Holy Spirit will work through me and take my inadequate words and make them into a Message that God wants me to share with others.

We don't all have to have the same words. After all, we all have our unique and individual relationship with God.

So let's promise to meet each other simply, honestly, and with words from our own heart.

God will meet us there and the Holy Spirit will give us the perfect message to share.

Love xo,



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