The Importance of a Shared Meal

It doesn't require a great investment of money...the plates, even the table and chairs, were purchased from the thrift shop where Mom they reside on our deck.

What I have discovered during this summer of cooking is that the greatest reward is not the well cooked meal, but the time I spend eating the meal with Mom. We eat, we talk, we enjoy the evening.

I've come to believe that our country, our world, would be a different place if we took the time to share a meal with our family or friends each evening. 

This time spent together, sharing the details of our day as we cook the meal, and then sitting at the table and conversing as we eat the food, creates an endpoint to the day, a safe place to call home, a communion with family and friends that we will not find elsewhere.

I challenge you to try this for a week, just three meals in one week...see what a difference it makes. And share your experience in the comments!

God bless you....



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