Share Your 2014 Word and Win a Copy of God Loves Your Dream

What is your guiding theme word for 2014?

Last year, I chose "Forward" as my guiding word because I felt stuck and needed a word that would inspire me to keep moving toward my goal, no matter what.

This year, I've decided on an even more radical word.

At first, I was going to choose "Receive" as my guiding word, because as much as I accomplished last year, it always seemed like I wasn't receiving the expected outcome or reward for my efforts.

However, as I read through my morning devotions it came to me that my real challenge wasn't the desire to Receive, but my willingness to surrender the outcome of my efforts to God's will.

I am such a control freak that even considering the word surrender makes my heart skip a beat. Which is really all the confirmation I needed that SURRENDER is my theme word and my challenge for 2014.

Now, it's your turn! 

What is going to be your theme word for 2014? What word will inspire, scare, motivate, you to move your life in an exciting new direction this year?

If you're brave enough to share, I will pick 5 people to receive a free ebook of GOD LOVES YOUR DREAM.

To enter, all you have to do is tweet me at @seakiev, or leave a comment on my Facebook page (click on the link in the sidebar) or a comment here.

I can't wait to hear your word!


Anonymous said…
DO....I am hoping to do more in 2014..I want to push myself to go for a walk every day even if the weather is crappy and I am not a winter person. To Do more with the grand kids...guess I will have to try even harder since our daughter always does fun stuff with the other grandparents and all I seem to be is a babysitter. Do more stuff with my husband since his heart attack two years ago I have realized that life is too short.
Unknown said…
CRUCIBLE- 2014 will be a year of changes which will be both exciting and difficult. Too often I try to take control and try to fix things. Remembering that while God may not take away the fearful events, He is present & He is in control. I am in His crucible. All is OK!
Angieleigh said…
I despise odd numbers, so God gave me two.

Patience because it's never been one of my virtues and I want to overcome that.

Forgiveness because I've held such contempt in my heart against people, but expected forgiveness from those that hurt me. This year I am going to work on forgiving and moving on.
Unknown said…
Be is my guiding word. I have friends and know others whom I look up to and think to myself "I want to be like person, or do what that person is doing." Then I often have follow up thoughts of "you can't do that." "That is too hard." "There are too many obstacles so why try?" Enough already! I am going to BE the person I want to become. To help me along the way I have decided to start reading a daily devotional and began with Trusting God with Your Dream. I have many dreams to realize and know that I cannot do it alone.
You all win! Please send me you email address (unless they're already on your profile) and I'll send out the ebooks today. Thank you for sharing!

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