Week-Ending: The Illustrated Devotional - Psalm 112

 Psalm 112

What about the man who trusts in God
and is committed to His will and purposes?

He is a man who is rich indeed
Even amid the circumstances of poverty,
the wealth and blessing of God
are within his reach.

He is a man with purpose and meaning in his life.
Even amid the disorder and void
of this temporal existence,
he is aware of God's concern and love for him.

He is a man who walks unafraid.
The threats of violence or prophecies of doom
do not detract from his validity
nor alter his course.

He is a man who relates to his fellow beings.
He identifies with them
in their sorrows and complaints
and share with them his life and his gifts.

He is the man who is truly happy 
and through whom our God is working out
His purposes in this world today.

I'm currently reading Your Beautiful Purpose:Discovering and Enjoying What God Can Do Through You by Susie Larson. It's an amazing book that I believe will speak to anyone who is thinking about their life's purpose, dealing with fear of failure as they undertake that purpose, or what to do when you face obstacles along the way. 

In other words, it's a timely book for me. And perhaps you, too?

At the end of each chapter, Susie presents questions and Bible readings for reflection. Today, one of the Bible readings was focused on Psalm 112.

I've included that psalm above...taken from a very interesting translation that I found in our local thrift store. It comes from a book titled: Psalms/Now by Leslie F. Brandt, it was published in 1973 and is Brandt's personal translation of the Psalms. Since I love reading the Psalms, I was particularly drawn to the plain-spoken, intimate language. 

In the study questions for this psalm, Susie asks us to look at the actions God is calling us to fulfill. I've highlighted and enlarged those qualities above.

What is striking to me, is that when you go back and read the highlighted sentences, you find the keys to a happier, more productive life.

Not only is this a source of reassurance, it's a wonderful example of how God speaks to us through His Word...no, not by magic, just by a closer reading.

Have a great weekend.


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