Dog Days Call for a Day at the Dog Wash

All the boys needed a bath. But we don't have a bathtub big enough for these guys.
Luckily we have Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash where they have walk-in tubs that are large enough for even the biggest Newfoundland.

Four dogs at the dog wash...what could possibly go wrong?
You bring your dog in and DIY the wash.
 Dogma supplies the shampoo, towels and even a blow dryer for a price that's much lower than traditional grooming.

Still...I was nervous about handling this project on my own. 
But when I heard about the 'multi-dog discount'...
I decided to try for a trifecta by bathing all three of my boys and Coco in the same visit.

George got a bath.

He enjoyed the soothing lavender-scented suds.

Should I not be surprised at the amount of water that ended up outside the tub?

Henry got a bath.

Although by the look of ring of hair around the tub, I think he also used the opportunity to shed half of his summer coat.

Should I be embarrassed by the second stack of towels that were brought out when the owner of the store saw all of the water on the floor?

Charlie got a bath.

This dog wash was a wonderful bonding experience with each of the dogs. 

I'm pretty sure Charlie loved it.

Should I be embarrassed when the store's owner pointed out that I should dry the dogs off before they get out of the tub, not after?

Even Coco got a bath!

She did not love it.

Do you think the Dogma will ever let us come back again?

I hope so.

We had a great time!

Four dogs smelling sweet and looking pretty.

We'll be back next month...


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