Thank You Technical Support

My blog has a new address:

I changed it go along with my author name: Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson

Which I chose because there are a lot of Suzanne Anderson-s in the world.

Buying my new domain was simple.

Linking it to this blog was like trying to move a recalcitrant hippo through mud.

Luckily when I called customer support at I was transferred to an incredibly patient tech support person in the Google Apps section....

Yes, they have created a special section to handle the millions of calls from people like me.

After numerous attempts that involved me trying to figure out and failing to even log into an account that I never knew existed...we successfully made the transition to my new domain name.

I didn't get the young man's name...whoever you are, I thank you from the bottom of my tech-disabled heart.

And I promise that this domain will remain on auto-renewal so that you will never have to speak with me again.



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