It's Been a Rough Week: Let's Share Some Love

Martin Richard will forever remain in our hearts.

I wonder if the men who did this ever stopped to consider the terrible toll their actions would have on the lives they took and the families left behind.  

We know that they will soon feel the full weight of justice.


We know that God comforts the brokenhearted.

I pray an outpouring of God's Love will surround every family dealing with the aftermath of this act of terror. 

Love has always triumphed over evil. It will again today. 

Our hearts also go out to the families hurt by the unspeakable destruction in West, Texas.

Just as in Boston, we watched First Responders rush in, while fires still raged.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to those brave men and women who risk everything to save others.

It's been a rough couple of weeks here at home, as well.

Mom went into the hospital on March 31st with a subderal hematoma. 

On April 7th, she was transferred to a rehab facility to recover and receive therapy.

I'm happy to report that she's doing better and I hope she will be coming home in a few weeks. I sure do miss her. 

I'm posting this earlier video in hopes that she will soon be back in the kitchen enjoying life.

It snowed for most of this week, which meant grey skies and fires in the wood-stove.

But it was also a blessing, as it brought much needed moisture and will hopefully restore our water-tables up to 90% of where they need to be to break this drought.

I hope we'll have more snow between now and May.


It's easy to become overwhelmed at times like these, when each day seems to bring another tragedy or another challenge.

But I also believe that these moments also reveal our greatest love for one another, our ability to rally together to lift one another up, to give comfort.

It's been a rough week. 

But we know that we can go forward and we will experience joy again.

Let's take a moment to hug a loved one, call a friend, and recount the things we are thankful for.


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