How I Learned to Live in the Moment

Mom came home from rehab on Saturday.

On Sunday, we spent the day sitting on the deck, drinking coffee, reading, listening to classical music, and savoring the beautiful Colorado weather.

What we were really celebrating, of course, was that Mom was home after a month long stay in the hospital and then a rehab facility after she was diagnosed with a subderal hematoma.

As we sat, doing these normal things, like drinking coffee, I realized what it means to live in the moment. Yesterday was the best day I've had in a very long time. It was made more special because I allowed myself to truly enjoy it...I lived right there in the moment. 

I didn't think about the future, the past, what will happen with Mom's health or my fledgling writing career. Which is what I usually do...most nights I wake myself up at 2am or 5am worrying about both real problem and imagined catastrophes.

I am the personification of Eyeore.

But, on Sunday I allowed myself to think no further than the moment we were experiencing right then.

What I discovered is that this might be the key to happiness.

I'm not advocating shutting one's mind to planning for the future, or working hard when a project needs to be completed. 

But there is also a time and place to just relax, recharge, and enjoy the company of those we love.

And when we are in that place...our experience will be more memorable if we can be fully present, if we can give our full attention to those we are with or the task at hand, especially if that person is someone we treasure and the task is renewing the mind.



JCK said…
I love the photo of your mom in the cozy white robe on the deck. There is nothing like truly being in the moment and sitting with gratitude for what is before you. Sounds like Sunday was perfection.
Robert said…
I'm not sure what you've gone through, and I don't need to know, but I just wanted to encourage you. may you trust in our God to see you trough life's challenges.

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