Here's What I'm Grateful for this Thanksgiving (tear-jerker alert)

This five minute video sums up what I am most grateful for this Thanksgiving.

My beautiful Mom, working her way toward 86 with grace and beauty and humor. 

She's never stopped learning... over the past two years she's embraced a new found love of cooking. And she's become passionate and prolific in her culinary endeavors.

Or giving of herself, whether serving lunch every Thursday at the Senior Center, or acting as a fashion consultant and clothes re-hanger at the thrift store 'boutique'.

Mom has taught me what it means to live each day to its fullest, with optimism, and perseverance.

She is my rock.

When I fall into despair, she always points to the silver lining.

(Maybe that's the secret to a long life.)

I am eternally grateful for her. Every. Day.

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends and lots of good food.

God bless us all.


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