One Woman's Walk Through the Bible

I wanted to share today's post from a blog I started in January: One Woman's Walk Through the Bible, where I've been posting my efforts to read through the Bible in a year after Mom gave me a Daily Walk Bible. As I share below, it hasn't always been easy to keep my commitment to read the Bible every day. Yet, when I do, I'm usually rewarded with some special verse that lifts my day.
Today's Reading: Isaiah 13 - 16

It's been so long since I've done my Daily Walk Bible reading (three weeks!)...I've missed the end of Psalms, all of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and today's reading plopped me down in the middle of Isaiah.

Yes, I'll confess that I even considered quitting this year-long reading challenge. But one of the positive aspects of my tenacious personality is that I hate to give up. So today I dove back in with surprising results.

Today's reading was all about the promised destruction of Babylon and Moab...and then amidst all the carnage was this beautiful passage, which spoke to my heart as a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ, who Isaiah prophesies about many times throughout this book.

My eyes were beginning to glaze over reading about 'sackcloth' and 'the rod that struck you', or the 'root of the snake will spring into a viper'. It seems our modern world is just as full of the same destruction today, so my spirit felt heavy just reading the words.

Then I read this verse:

Isaiah 16:5

In love a throne will be established;
in faithfulness a man will sit on it-
one from the house of David-
one who in judging seeks justice
and speaks the cause of righteousness.

And the words seemed to jump off the page. I knew it must be Jesus they were speaking of...

"In love...
in faithfulness...
who in judging seeks justice...
and speaks the cause of righteousness..."

What wonderful attributes to aspire to in our own lives.



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