Olive - Brie Burgers on the Grill With a Chilled Rose Wine

After a lengthy phone conversation with my brother John, I finally learned how to turn on my gas grill. And of course, as with all new toys, I'm obsessed with using it often.

I also love hamburgers. 

For this hamburger, I decided to improvise using what I had in the refrigerator, a jar of green olives and a small wedge of brie. I chopped both finely.

Oh, and before that......I poured myself a glass of my other new toy this summer....rose wine. Find a nice dry one, it's perfect wine for summer red meat grilling.

I formed the patties, sprinkled with coarsely ground pepper. 
Then I buttered a couple of onion rolls.
That ear of corn has also been slathered with butter and sprinkled with herbs of Provence. 

Cooking. Cooking. Cooking.

And voila! 


EMU said…
I just want to say thank you Suzanne. I came to visit and left feeling inspired. I love your verses they have lifted my spirits. Been through emotional turmoil this last week - I will not elaborate - needless to say I was downcast and broken. Was in Hiding mode. You made a difference in my life today - though you may not get the pat on the back, I just want to say sincerely Thank You. Wish you much success.

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