A Commonplace Book - Weekend Edition

A man I know once said to another man, "you talk about God as if you know him, as if you could tell me the color of his eyes. Why do people keep creating something to worship? I make it a point not to believe in anything athat always has the upper hand."
"Then how do you explain the world?" the other man said. "How come you're here?"
"Because it happened. Things just happen."
"Well, maybe 'things just happen' is another name for God."

Along these lines, we might say that "things just happen" is another name for inspiration. We often don't know what to call the stirrings inside us that guid and empower us to create, and those stirrings cannot be adequately conveyed or described to others in the way that they are felt and reflected in the work. Yet, if we believe that there is something beyond our human capacities of imagination and sight, then we can call creative inspiration a result of our being in the presence of the divine."

Inspired: The Breath of God
Conversations with Gifted People about Their Faith and Inspiration
by Joanna Laufer and Kenneth S. Lewis


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