First Ice Cream Sandwich of the Season

The weather is unseasonably warm today. It's 60 F and sunny and there are a lot of people who are hoping that winter is behind us. Not me, of course. I'm incredibly disappointed that I'm not sitting under a blanket of four feet of snow.

I thought I should make a little something to kick-off the upcoming summer season. We'll start with some ice cream that perfectly reflects my ever-changing state of mind. Can't decide whether to have vanilla or chocolate? No decision necessary! You can have both!

Then we'll take these chocolate chip cookies that I had in the freezer. It's a good idea to use them frozen so that they won't crumble when you add the scoop of ice cream.

I created a little assembly area. Place a scoop of ice cream on the inside of one cookie. Then put the tops on them to create a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

John and Heidi are coming next weekend for a birthday visit. 
Do  you think I should put this platter of delicious cookies in the freezer for them?

Me. Neither.


Mariellen said…
Diet, Schmiet. You are funny.

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