Our Book Cover Finalists are Here!

Window Cover

White Flower Cover

Black Flower Cover

I love them all, but only one can be chosen.

Which best captures your interest as a reader?

Which best conveys a World War II story about two Hungarian sisters trying to save their abandoned niece from the Nazis?


Erika Marks said…
They are all beautiful, Suzanne. Covers are such tricky things! Having worked for years as an art director and designer, I still find myself obsessing over the tiniest visual elements of a piece, while trying to see the overall impact (not so different from how we as writers can obsess of the right word in a sentence for so long we lose sight of the whole paragraph, I suppose). I love the back cover of the middle one--the transparency that unifies the front and back but I am also a fan of the photograph of the top cover, and the way it gives me an immediate sense of setting and mood.

Looking forward to seeing which one prevails!
Anonymous said…
I like the window cover. I feel like it really captures the book. :-)
larramiefg said…
Please, the window!
Parabéns pelo blog,aqui do Brasil tenho ti acompanhado com muito prazer,abraço Suzanne!

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