What the Dogs Were Doing While We Opened our Presents

While we opened presents on Christmas day, Henry and George enjoyed their Christmas presents out on the deck. (Sorry for the glare. If I'd opened the door to take the picture, the dogs would have gotten up like the gentlemen that they are.)

They each received a bag of frozen beef bones, which they love almost (okay more) than Mommies homemade peanut butter doggie biscuits.

One large bone will bring hours of contented chewing. And from what I've been told, the enzymes from the raw bones are good for their teeth.

And then there's the added pleasure of watching the dogs revert to their wild wolfish ancestry.

Of course Coco enjoys a good bone as well. And is often seen carrying the big boy's castoffs. Hilariously, the bone is nearly as big as she is.

She growls as she runs around the room in an endless loop, just daring you to take her prize.

Her self-confidence is awe-inspiring.


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