Mom's Favorite Christmas Present

A few weeks before Christmas I received an email from Megan Edgeller at offering me a free 11 X 14 canvas print of a photo of my choice with the hopes of a mention on my blog.

After looking at their work on a couple other blogs, I decided to give them a try.

For the photo, I chose a picture taken by Kimberly Anderson (no relation and no compensation for this link) who did a beautiful series of family photos this summer when everyone was in town for Mom's birthday. If you live in the Foothills area, I highly recommend Kimberly, she's talented, patient, and very fun to work with.

I chose the picture above for the canvas print because I knew it would mean so much to Mom. Her 'big boys' expressing their love, and her obvious appreciation, just perfectly captures the wonderful memories I have of that birthday weekend.

Megan even expedited the shipment so that the canvas would get here in time for Christmas.

I was delighted by the result. The canvas print of the photograph is crisp and the colors are vibrant. The canvas is mounted around a wooden frame that we can later place in a decorative frame.

It should come as no surprise that this is Mom's favorite Christmas present. She loved it so much that she wants me to order copies of this canvas so she can give them to John and David.

Thank you Kimberly Anderson Photography and for creating a memorable gift.


larramiefg said…
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larramiefg said…
À beautiful moment/emotion that YOU fashioned intö à memorable gift! Daughters rule too. :-)

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