2011 Year in Review

We started the year in our new home. 

There was a lot of open space to fill.

Flowers of congratulations arrived from Mr. Weaver.

The first of many beautiful dawn skies I captured from my bedroom window.

The big bull elk that came to visit. Always a sign of good luck.

Our furniture finally arrives from Florida after 15 years in storage.

We baked a lot of cakes this year.

And then one on my birthday. March 19th.

Minutes after we adopted Henry, he jumped in the back of my car for a six hour ride home from Nebraska.

Mom's the best co-pilot for any road trip. Coco chose to ride up front for this first trip with Henry. None of us knew quite what we'd gotten ourselves after adopting the world's largest dog.

We quickly discovered that Henry was not only a counter surfer, he was a brilliant thief.

Spring arrived and I began gardening in the front yard.

And then realize why we are advised to wait until after May 31st.

We still managed to have some beautiful flowers in the garden.

The social highlight of the year was Mom's 84th birthday.

The whole family was there along with 40 of her friends.

It was the perfect time for a family portrait.

We even managed more than one.

With family in town, we hit our favorite spots. 
David and Henry enjoyed Echo Lake.

John enjoyed Vail.

John, Victoria, and David enjoyed the weekend. 
We can't wait to do it again.

I walked in my first Evergreen 5K.

My friend Beth came along for the fun.

I entered the Big Chili Cook-off and my chili won 3rd Place!

With big help from John and Heidi who cheered me on (and added more spice while my back was turned.)
They were rewarded with a quick trip to Crested Butte.

Where we enjoyed our first views of the beautiful fall colors.

Our first picture together on the night that George joined our family.

He quickly became Henry's best pal.

I started decorating the house on the day after Thanksgiving.

It took a lot longer than expected.

Mom entered her chicken soup in the 1st annual Chicken Soup Challenge.

And won 6th place!
She's already planning her entry for next year's contest.

We hosted our first annual Christmas party to benefit the Echo Food Bank.

And then enjoyed a quiet Christmas at home.

Surrounded by our own loving family.

And one little scoundrel.

It's been a good year. 
We are so very grateful.


larramiefg said…
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larramiefg said…
Here's to your new golden year, Suzanne! Wishing you joy and much success....
JCK said…
Loved these highlights of your year. Your mother is stunning. I see where you get your light and independence from!

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