How to Stack a Cord of Wood

As the temperatures drop, we need more wood for our wood stove. However, when they delivered the wood they simply dropped it in the driveway and left it up to us to move it.

Our supply of firewood was running low. So we needed to get that wood stacked and ready for cold winter nights.

Coco assessed the situation and decided we'd need help to get the job done.

Although Newfoundlands are known as 'working dogs'....

George didn't get the memo.

In fact, let's note just how far George is from the pile of wood. You'd think he was afraid it would burst into flames at any moment.

We believe that senior citizens can enjoy long and healthy lives with the proper amount of daily physical activity. Let's get Mom to stack that cord of wood!

Look, Coco wants to help Grandma!

In short order Mom's got the first row of firewood stacked. Don't stop yet, there's still more wood out in the driveway!

As the morning wore on, Mom ditched her jacket. She was warmed up from that heavy lifting.
She also discovered a quicker way to get that wood from the driveway to the stack. She enlisted the help of her walker! Look how much more wood she was able to transport with each trip! Of course, typical of most young people these days she's got her phone tucked in amongst the pile of wood so that she won't miss a call.

Mission Accomplished. Mom proudly surveys the fruits of her labor...three rows of firewood neatly stacked.

Good Job, Mom!


Que lugar gostoso e agradavel.Deu vontade de viver num lugar assim,deve ser maravilhoso.Deus abençoe sua vida sempre Suzanne.Bom fim de semana.
Kristin said…
Beautiful beautiful mom and a lovely picture-story!

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