Henri, George, et Coco est la!

To introduce George, the newest member of our family, I thought we'd do a family portrait.

First we've got to get everyone sitting together.

Okay, George you just lay there and I'll get Henry and Coco situated.

Coco, could you please turn around and face the camera?

Henry, I need you to look up and stop watching Coco.

Coco, you look great. Thank you for facing the camera.

Henry, now you're looking at Grandma. Could you face this way?

Coco, Henry, you're both wonderful. Thank you.

But George. Could you just look this way for a moment?

Ummmmm George? Coco and Henry are holding their best smiles, could you work with us, too?


Oh never mind.

Grandma keeps fixing Henry's hair and has completely distracted him. And I have no idea what Coco's looking at, probably a chipmunk.

Let's try some close-ups. Coco's ready.

Henry's always got a smile ready to go.

Uh, George? Could you raise your head for your close-up?

Okay, maybe next time.

P.S. Just in case you think George is a stuffed animal and not a REAL Newfoundland, here's a picture of him looking decidedly more lively on the night he came home to us.


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