First Snow of the Season: Oct. 8th 20011

I intended to share these pictures of the beautiful autumn colors that surround us. We've got mums in the flower boxes

Pumpkins and mums on the deck.

The aspen in our back yard turned a yellow so brilliant, it nearly appeared chartreuse.

And the groves of aspen that are tucked in amongst the pine that carpet the hills are arrayed like a patchwork quilt.

The temps were actually mild enough to sit outside.

So we kept the chairs out and planned to have at least one more evening sitting there, looking at the night sky.

And then yesterday, we woke to this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

Of course, it's all melted now. And the rest of the week will probably be back in the 60s and sunny. That's just the fun of living in Colorado.


Your pictures are beautiful especially the one of the hills! So happy for fall too and hope our first snow isn't for a little while longer. =O)
Anonymous said…
Love it! You and snow, love them too.

So lovely - hooray for the beauty of snow.

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