Flapjacks on Steroids

Last Friday Mom and I went to a nutritionist to discuss how we can improve her diet so that she will gain weight instead of losing it. Apparently, in the elderly, diet is incredibly important because they often lose their appetite as they get older and maintaining proper nutrient levels becomes a challenge. Of course, the irony of this situation is not lost on me: Mom's trying to gain weight and I'm trying to lose weight. Trying to cook for both of us at the same time is going to be a challenge.

So when I offered to make sausage and eggs for breakfast and Mom countered with 'pancakes and sausage' I decided I wanted to come up with a healthy alternative that would be so tasty she wouldn't be tempted to leave a crumb on her plate.

I had a flapjack box mix made with whole grains, low in sugar, called Kodiak Cakes. Excellent product. I decided to ramp up both the flavor and nutrition levels by adding a teaspoon of Apple Pie Spice and a half cup of chopped pecans (high in protein and good fats).

The results were incredible. The flapjacks were light, fluffy, and the spice and pecans made them taste absolutely decadent.

As Mom enjoyed her breakfast, she found she had an audience of two, Henry and Coco.

These guys know that usually, if they're just patient, Mom will get tired of eating and they'll get the leftovers.

As you can see, Henry only had eyes for Mom's plate. And yes, that is a speck of pancake batter next to his eye. He likes to position himself in front of the stove to make sure he doesn't miss a bit of cooking.

But this morning, their loss was Mom's gain. She finished both pancakes and the sausage...well, maybe a small bit of sausage found it's way into Henry's mouth.


Keetha said…
Those sound so good - very appropriate for all!

Also, your mother is so pretty.

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