Giddy Up -N- Go!: A Weekend with Beth

My friend Beth came for a visit last weekend. I haven't seen her in almost two years,  so we were looking forward to making the most of her visit. To say that she has boundless energy is an understatement. To prove my point, here's what we accomplished in one weekend....


On Friday, we took Henry to the Bark Park for a hike on their open trails. Afterward, we did a little shopping and then grilled dinner on the deck.

While we were enjoying margaritas and looking at the stars using the ipad for stargazing, I mentioned that I really wanted to do the Evergreen Road Race, which was to be held that weekend. So we got all the information online and .....


Got up the next morning at 6:30am to go to the high school to sign up for the race.

We then discovered that race day was Sunday, not Saturday....since we were already in the car, we took a drive up to Echo Lake, a beautifully scenic drive.

At 10:30 we took a Pilates mat class my local Pilates studio.

Afterwards, we stopped by Echo Thrift Store to pick up Mom, who was volunteering there and then headed to Main Street just in time to see the launch of the Dam Duck event which involves floating little rubber ducks down Bear Creek.

The little darlings get caught in the rocks and have to be scooped up.

We also managed to get a picture of the free horse drawn trolley that goes up and down Main Street.


Finally, it's race day and we are up early. We participate in the 5K (walk) and enjoy a lovely stroll down Upper Bear Creek. The number of pictures we took is a testament to our speed (or lack thereof). However, I've decided to run the 10K next year in honor of my 50th bday.

After the race, we drove to Vail. Took the gondola up to the top of the mountain, had a beer, then back down to Vail Village to do some shopping.

On the way home, we stopped in at the Little Bear Saloon in Evergreen, to listen to the Railbenders, an excellent country music band.


On Monday morning we were back at the Bark Park for another walk with Henry.

 And then, we managed to play nine holes of golf before I took Beth to the airport.

After which, I went home and slept.

In all, a great weekend!

Thanks to Beth's adventuresome spirit, we enjoyed a variety of fun activities, some of which I wouldn't have tried without her impetus, such as the 5K and playing golf for the first time in years....but which I will now make a part of my life here. Thanks Beth!


Anonymous said…
I'm knackered just reading it! What a great weekend though.
Keetha said…
Now that was a full weekend! It sounds exhilirating and tiring at the same time!
bgroucho said…
Love it!!! Had a grand time!
larramiefg said…
Why is it we need a visitor to discover what surrunds us? Here's to Beth!

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