Gazpacho 2011

Every year I post my gazpacho recipe on this blog. It has become for me, a signal that summer is here. Every year the end-result is a little different, depending on what recipe I've consulted. This year, I didn't consult any recipes and just went with what I had in the vegetable drawer and the pantry...which worked out beautifully.

While adhering to most of the classic ingredients, essentially the soup becomes a chilled tomato-based, fresh vegetable soup.

Making the soup is incredibly easy. And since it doesn't involve a hot oven or stove, it's perfect for the hot days we've been experiencing lately.

Just a few steps and you're done:

  • Fine chop the vegetables in a food processor and then place in a large bowl. 

  • Pour V-8 juice over the chopped veggies in the bowl. 

  • Begin to layer the flavors with white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, a splash of hot sauce, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a healthy pinch of kosher salt. Keep adjusting the flavors until you reach the acidity that you desire. 

  • Chill well for several hours to let the flavors combine.

And then enjoy! I made such a large batch that I ended up freezing several one portion freezer bags of soup that I could have on hand for a quick lunch.

It's one of my favorite summer dishes: full of vitamins, low in fat, and incredibly flavorful.


larramiefg said…
Both "before" and "after" pictures look delicious!
Anonymous said…
Please send someof that hot weather and sun up here..and gazpacho with it? Yours, 55 and raining...

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