SNOW DAY - May 11 - 12 2011

At this time of year I get excited with each snowfall wondering if this will be the last one of the season.

Last year, I recorded the last snowfall as May 12th. I guess the coincidence of snow on the same day this year should be notable.

Especially since our winter was so dry this year that I didn't hold out much hope after we received a light dusting on April 30th.

But Mother Nature is not one to second guessed.

For the last two days we've enjoyed snow showers that have put six inches of big wet sloppy snow on the ground.

It's lovely and dramatic.

It covers the branches of the trees and the lilies in the front garden that were just beginning to make their entrance.

Of course, some of us are less than thrilled.

And stick to the pathways created by the car's tires.

Mr. Bear steadfastly holds his 'welcome' sign despite the indignity of a snow covered head.

And the UPS man may have a challenge reaching the front door.

But we're celebrating the beauty of the snowfall even as we wonder if this will be the last of the season.


JCK said…
I can just tell how much you love your home. This special place that you opened your heart to. I continue to be happy and excited for you. Lovely pictures!

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