Henry Goes to the Dog Park

On Saturday, on a whim, we jumped in the car and took Coco and Henry to the Bark Park, which is very near our house.

By the way, I love this picture. Here's Coco sitting in her dog bed in the back seat and Henry leaning over from his place in the way back...his head is larger than Coco's entire body. And yet, Coco does not dein to acknowledge his presence.

Here's a view once you arrive in the dog park, it's a wonderful piece of wooded, fenced land with spectacular views. There is a second fenced field next door for playing catch and hanging out.

Mom and Coco hung out on a bench near the entrance and talked with the other doggie moms and dads that arrived that morning.

Henry and I took off on a hike through the woods.

Henry took to the new adventure like a duck to water...even posing majestically as if contemplating the next path to take as he forges a trail through the great western wilderness.

Of course, there was ultimately a fence that thwarted his journey to the Pacific, but there's always next week.


larramiefg said…
Henry has just discovered his Paradise and what great fun for you!
Keetha said…
Coco indeed looks quite regal as if she is surveying her domain and finding it, just, to her suiting.

That Henry looks like all kinds of fun.
Mariellen said…
Suzanne, that is not a dog, it is a hairy horse. I think it is a case if he takes you to the park, not vice versa? Well, in all things its all in a look. The quelling look tiny Italian mothers give their strapping sons which silences them instantly kind of look which. It's pretty funny, seeing your two dogs together. Hugs to all, including dogs.

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