Henry and the Easter Cupcakes

This week we made Easter cupcakes for Mom to take to the Senior Center where she volunteers on Thursdays. On Wednesday night we baked them and let them cool overnight.

Henry is always very interested in helping Mummy in the kitchen.

On Thursday morning we decorated the lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and coconut and placed a speckled egg in the center of each 'nest'.

Aren't they pretty? Now, please count the number of cupcakes in the farthest row on the right...

Did you count four cupcakes?

Now, count the number of cupcakes in the row on the right again. 

Did you count three? 

What happened? 

Let's ask Henry....

Henry, do you know what happened to that missing cupcake?


JCK said…
Well, if it was me...I would be the one nudging Henry out of the way. Gorgeous cupcakes...and look might yummy!

Happy Easter, Suz!
larramiefg said…
Sure, just like the dog ate my homework! ;)
Mariellen said…
Let me tell you the story about the time my mother was throweing a dinner party, and put the plate of after dinner cheeses = many gourmet cheeses (this is Europe, the courses go in a different order) on a low table in the living room..and one of my sublings closed teh living room door, not knowing that our dog was was inside...well. Fido...do you know what happened to those cheeses? Same oops who me expression on their faces!!!

Hysterical, Suzanne. xxM

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