The Revealing of Suzanne Anderson...oolala!

Today at The Diving Wand, the place to meet new authors, Larramie is interviewing me and profiling my novel Mrs. Tuesday's Departure. Hop on over there and discover my darkest secrets and satisfy your curiosity about what flavor of Haagan Dazs ice cream I can't live without.


I didn't even know that that flavor existed! But I could live with it as well I think. Better than the brussels sprouts you mentioned yesterday...I wouldn't eat them roasted, toasted or any other way cooked.

Many greetings, Frieda
Anonymous said…
Yes! What a great showcase for you Suzanne and you deserve every inch of it. And I am the perfect house guest - you can have the peanut butter ice cream, I likes the coffee. (One day we'll do that, I promise!)

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