How to Face Your Fears and Beat Procrastination

Suzanne doing what she does best...not working.

My debut at The Divining Wand continues with the obligatory guest blog post on a topic of my choosing. So I chose the thing that has lately been my achilles heel: procrastination.

Things have gotten so bad that rather than write, I've been debating what to write. And of course, not writing anything at all.

My guest post at The Divining Wand (and a lot of probing questions from Larramie) forced me to dig a little deeper and rather than simply come up with a pat answer to 'what to do when you're procrastinating', to really figure out why I was procrastinating.

If you'd like to find out what I discovered and how it might help you break out of your own procrastinating habits....hop over to here.


Keetha said…
Where have I been? Somehow I didn't check in with you or Larramie for a day or two and look at all I missed!

I left a comment on your post at The Divining Wand. It was a great post.
Keetha said…
Also? I have two specific writing projects to work on and ... I'm reading blogs.

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