Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I'm not Irish. I don't like corned beef. I think boiled cabbage smells bad. And soda bread is bland. You won't catch me wearing green, it makes me sallow. And if anyone tries to pinch me, I'll pinch right back.

On the other hand, I enjoy any excuse to bake a cake. So when Mom requested a St. Patrick's Day cake she could take with her to her weekly volunteer gig at the senior center, I of course acquiesced.

This is the result: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The decorative show on top is my handiwork. Those green squiggly things are supposed to be clover, not iguanas.  Mom commented that apparently I'd never been taught the Zaner-Bloser handwriting method. Still, I bet it beats boiled cabbage.


larramiefg said…
LOL at the clover/iguanas but you tried!

Also, not to stereotype, but what's with the pinching? I thought that was Italian rather than Irish.

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