Elk in My Backyard: Part II

Last fall I posted pictures of a small herd of elk in the backyard of the house we were renting on Gray Hawk Drive.

I was so thrilled because I've always considered elk a good luck talisman, so to have them in my yard, was a good omen! Plus, beyond the superstitious stuff they are simply majestic and incredibly beautiful.

Which is why I was thrilled the other day when I saw not one, but three, gorgeous male elk just outside our front door.

These are pictures from my latest sighting. They've shown up twice now. Which makes me feel really lucky!

Instead of the Year of the Rabbit, I'll call this my Year of the Elk.


Keetha said…
They really are beautiful animals. Great photos!
slow panic said…
they are gorgeous. always love to see photos from your place in this world.
larramiefg said…
And the meaning of Year of the Elk is?
Mariellen said…
It means this is Suzanne's lucky year..and she's only just started it!

(Actually you did pretty well in 2010 too, so more power to you, S!)
Mariellen said…
These pics are so lovely Suzanne, they capture the winter and the cold beautifully. I think you should crop #2 down, blow it up and put it in your reading den or oin some other place where you relax and let your eyes rest on it your good luck sign - your own vision board-ette! And why not?

How big is your photo, file size/resolution wise, would it robust enough to blow up like that? I'm sure between E & myself we could help with getting the colours as you want them if that sort of thing is not your bag. What do you think?

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