Darling Deer in the Snow!

I was going to upload pictures from out latest snow, as per a request from my brother John.

And then this afternoon, I looked out the kitchen window and saw these five adorable little ones, looking for lunch among the bramble.

After I took their pictures and then loaded them onto my computer, I knew today's post had chosen itself.

What is so incredible is that the deer were not bothered in the least when I stepped outside to photograph them.

Mostly, the ignored me.

Except for this little one. Who either really enjoys getting its picture taken.

Or is going to come to my door and ask me for compensation the next time I try to take a picture.

P.S. John, I'll have those 'woods in snow' pictures up tomorrow.


JCK said…
Lovely, lovely photos! Brings my heart rate down...just looking at them.:)
Erika Liodice said…
I am so inspired by your beautiful scenery and the lovely wildlife that wanders through your yard.

Thanks for sharing your photos with those of us who don't have nearly as interesting views!


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