Re-Thinking New Year's Resolutions

I know, I know, we're more than halfway through January and I'm just getting around to posting my New Year's resolutions? It isn't that I haven't been thinking about them, actually I've given them a lot of thought and gone through more than a few revisions.

At first I thought of writing a laundry list of specific goals: lose 30 lbs., write another book, make new friends, post more often on my blog, get a job, etc., etc. But as I was unpacking all the boxes around here, I came across some vision boards I'd made over the course of the past few years. Not surprisingly, their predominant theme was my dream finding my own place in the mountains.  And then it hit me: now that I have accomplished that dream, which has occupied so much of my time and energy, what's next?

When I left my job on Wall Street in 1994, my goals were two-fold: to find a place in the mountains and to find a career that I loved. It's taken a long time, but I've finally completed the first goal. The second goal still remains elusive, although I've tried a few new careers and made strides in creating one that I love, namely, writing.

While the laundry list of goals I proposed at the start of this post are all valid and will be things I will work on this year, I also realize that I need to give further thought to where I am now and where I want to go next. As to that as yet un-fulfilled goal of creating a career that I am passionate about, I have to ask myself why it's taken me so long to achieve it? Is it unrealistic, do I simply lack the talent to achieve my dreams? Should I settle for something else? Have I now been bold enough, diligent enough? Have I been going in the wrong direction all along?

So that's my new, New Year's figure out what's next.


larramiefg said…
You had to go to the mountains to discover that you're at a crossroads in life.

Wishing you successful reflection.
Erika Liodice said…
Congratulations on achieving a long time dream! Be sure take some time to savor the fact that you've brought your vision to life. That's more than most people can say!

And good luck with your new resolution. Figuring out what's next sounds like such a simple task, but I think we all know how complicated it can be. So take the time and space you need to figure it out...and, of course, have some fun in the process!
Keetha said…
Onward and upward! I'm cheering you on.
" figure out what's next."

When you figure that out, let me know so I can follow suit. Happy New Year! I'm a tad late myself.
Mariellen said…
I found the mondo beyondo course helpful in setting me in the right direction...I was kind of already enroute...but there is a barrier or more, that too often stops us - and for me one of them as exactly the one you described: what do I do next? It's enough to keep a person questing but not arriving.. and that is short changing oneself. If I had my life to live over I would say this to myself: Risk more, hold back less, complete more, and aim for less perfection to complete.

I bet if you go back to those vision boards SUzanne, you'll find more clues past the mountain house..I wish you every courage and insight in the world on this journey.

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