Snow in Evergreen!!!!!

On October 4th I posted pictures of the golden Aspen trees outside our window and wondered when we would see our first snowfall. Well this morning when I got up it was sprinkling, and then those drops slowly turned to snow and it kept snowing, snowing, snowing... and I kept taking pictures. I believe we're received not more than an inch of snow and it's already stopped. But it's so beautiful! Here's some pictures for your enjoyment.

It started like this....

 And then it became like this....

Our last day of snow was May 18th....our first day of snow is October 12th. Yea, snow!!!!!


Erika Liodice said…
Unbelievable! I can't believe that winter is just around the corner!!

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said…
That is amazing and beautiful!

My backside would be huge if I lived there as the temptation to eat hearty stews with big buttery slabs of cornbread and drink deep bottomless mugs of hot chocolate would never leave if the weather looked like that for much of the year.

How about a photo update today ... is it still there?
larramiefg said…
I love first snowfalls, thank you for sharing yours!
Mariellen said…
Is that the view from your windows? The one with the mist between the valleys of the hills?

How totally inspiring!

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