Autumn in Evergreen

The golden aspen colors that we experienced a couple weeks ago in Steamboat Springs, have finally arrived here in Evergreen. The pictures below are of the aspen trees in my neighbors yard, we have a great view of them from our living room window.

With the advent of autumn, we have have been in Evergreen for ten months and have now experienced all four seasons. This autumn has actually been quite mild, a veritable Indian Summer, with warm days and cool nights.

Despite the unusually mild weather, I find myself wondering when we'll see our first snowflakes or have our first snowfall. A couple years ago, when I was visiting Evergreen on an exploratory trip, we actually saw snow flakes at the end of September.

This contemplation of 'what comes next' is a inexorable habit of mine, a friend once described it as my constant 'yearning'. I suppose it might also be described as an impatience to see what happens next. And while I continue to wonder when I'll see those first snowflakes, I remind myself to savor the beauty of now, this moment, right here.


larramiefg said…
NOW is lovely. But which has been your favorite season?
Keetha said…
Enjoying now: easier said than done, I know, but what gorgeous scenery to have around you while doing the enjoying!

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