Road Trip: Yellowstone National Park

As we left Livingston, we headed south with a determination to take the scenic way home. Luckily for us, Yellowstone park is conveniently one hour south and therefore, on our way home.

We'd originally planned to simply drive straight through the park because it was late afternoon and we needed to get to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to spend the night. However, as we drove I asked Mom if she'd ever seen Old Faithful, the famous geyser. Mom said no, she'd never even been through this park. I knew we needed to make a detour in our plans. 

So we drove to Old Faithful and arrived just in time to see the geyser make its hourly performance. Afterwards, we checked with the hotel reservations clerk at the lodge to find out if there were any available hotel rooms. She said no, that reservations were usually made a year in advance and that all the hotels were full.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot, resigned to the two hour drive south. I decided to make one last attempt, stopping at this hotel. I walked in the back entrance and went up to the front desk. A kind elderly gentleman who was working behind the desk told me that they only had one room available, but that it had a damp spot on the rug from where the shower had overflowed. He said we could have it at a discount if we wanted it. Of course, we said yes!

It turns out it was the famous Old Faithful Inn and that reservations were usually made a year in advance to get in because of its proximity to the geyser. Which is in directly behind the hotel.

The lobby of the hotel was built using this amazing architecture of old wooden beams and featured a three-story tall fireplace in the center.

Which is where Mom spent the evening, sitting in front of the fire with a glass of wine, as she enjoyed listening to the piano player belting out oldies.

The next morning we enjoyed a leisurely drive south through the park.

We stopped frequently to take in the incredible autumn colors. All of which we would have missed if we had not been able to spend the night in the park. 

Serendipity and persistence....a magical combination.


Jennifer said…
That's high on my list of drives to make. As envious as I am, I'm so happy you and your mom got to enjoy it, and so thoroughly.
Mariellen said…
Suzanne, we should make that our motto: serendipity and persistence - you are so right! I'm glad you had this great adventure, where you are just open to possibilities and hey persto. they appear. And the trees the next day were wonderful, too.

The Old Faithful Inn has a wonderful story for me. Maybe 10 or 15 years, I saw this amazing article in a magazine called 'the world of interiors of this place with wild tree trunk & branch architecture. I really wanted to go there but couldnt recall where it was. When I found out last year that this place was Old Faithful Inn and I WAS going there, I think I smiled for a week. Didn't stay at the Inn but I did have a meal there, and I just loved it.

I wanna see this guy's paintings?!

Your mother and mine could be sisters, they look so alike in a 'family air' sort of way.

Great trip, and lovely pictures.
Anonymous said…
Serendipity, persistence, and not minding the wet spot ... I love how it all worked out. It looks like a beautiful place to stay and what a gorgeous mom you have!

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