Road Trip: Livingston, Montana

Last week I was on the road traveling from Evergreen, Colorado to Livingston, Montana and then home again. Over the course of my 1,500 mile drive I was lucky to enjoy a cornucopia of high plains, rocky mountains, autumn colors, waterfalls, and an occasional geyser. This week I'll be sharing photos from my trip.

Here's the delightful little cabin we stayed in once we arrived in Livingston, known as Deep Creek Cabin. I'm not sharing any photos of our drive from Evergreen to Livingston because it consisted of driving 750 miles across the desolate, empty high plains of Wyoming on a desolate interstate highway, which frankly left us nearly desolate and depressed by the time we reached Livingston. Luckily we had this lovely little cabin to lift our spirits as soon as we got out of the car.

It came with it's own little pond and two very comfortable chairs, where we enjoyed a nightly glass of wine and cheese with olive bread. The cabin is owned by a gracious woman from Scotland who moved to Livingston thirteen years ago from LA with her very handsome husband, who happens to be a very talented painter.

Livingston is surrounded by the majestic Absaroka mountain range.

And the Bridger mountains.

And the treeless high plains, which felt disconcertingly desolate. It also means that the winters are very windy!

I'm not sure why I didn't manage to take more pictures of the lovely downtown area of Livingston, probably because anytime I'm in the midst of mountains I become distracted.

Check back on Wednesday as continue our journey....and spend the night in Yellowstone National Park.


larramiefg said…
NO trees! I would feel positively undressed!

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