Book Psychology: Now she's reading romance novels...

This past weekend I headed off for a relaxing weekend in Steamboat Springs (pictures to come on Wednesday) and packed a couple novels to read.


Last week I picked up Suddenly You an historical romance by Lisa Kleypas. I was enjoying it so much that as we headed out of town, I made a quick stop at the library and picked up Then Came You, another of her novels to take with me since I was already half-way through Suddenly You.

And I finished both of them over the course of the weekend. And then I went back to the library this morning and checked five more historical romance novels.

I'm not sure what's going on:

1) I haven't read an historical romance since the mid-1990s when I went through my Amanda Quick phase.

2) When's the last time I devoured two books in a weekend? Last month I had a difficult time finishing any book!

3) And why pick up five more to read? Am I studying the genre? Or am I just in need of a story with a happy ending?

4) Here's the weirdly serendipitous moment, as I was in the midst of writing this post my brother John called and said that he'd just been thinking....  that I should write a romance novel, which he said, would combine my travel experience with my love of writing.

As you know, I love to over-analyse the reading experience and why we choose the books we do. Who knows, maybe this is just a passing phase, or maybe it's just the advent of autumn, which always gets my blood flowing. We'll see.


"maybe it's just the advent of autumn, which always gets my blood flowing"

Yes, autumn does offer a freshness. I'm not a romance reader, however, I don't think a little romance and smut every hurt anybody. Perhaps you should give writing a romance a try.
larramiefg said…
I'm thrilled your brother made that suggestion, it's what I've been thinking too! :)
Anonymous said…
Hey, why not. If it gets your creativity flowing, and you feel it works well, then go for it. Maybe a short story to start, if you dont feel like 100k words...?

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