Out and About in Evergreen CO - Habitat for Humanity ReStore

This week we went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Evergreen looking for a comfortable couch for our downstairs family room. While we were looking for a bargain, and we did find one, we also found a wonderful group of volunteers who are helping others in the community by building homes and using the proceeds from the ReStore sales to fund the building.

The reason this business model works so well is that the people who work there are either volunteers or those who are having homes built by Habitat and working to earn their homes with hours volunteered at the store. During our visit, we met a volunteer who had lost her home when her marriage broke up. She was working at the store, while her home was being built. She showed us a picture of the simple but lovely three bedroom, one bath, home which she and her two children will move into in a year from now.

As for the furniture itself, much of it is gently used, but some of it is actually new or comes from hotels where the furniture is not only of great quality but in great condition.  For instance, while we were there, we found two stylish credenzas that had been donated by a Marriott hotel. By visiting one of these stores not only will you be saving money, you'll be making a contribution to a good cause since all the proceeds go to building homes.

One of my goals for making my home in Evergreen is to visit and support as many local businesses as possible. Yes, we do have a Wal-Mart and Home Depot and two grocery store chains which I frequent way too often....but I also want to make a point of supporting our local business community, not only because small businesses are a vanishing breed, but also because they make living in a small town so special.

While I began this post to tell  you about another place to visit in Evergreen, I want to tell you how these adventures around town have also become an integral part of building a sense of community and belonging here. While we were at the store, Mom picked out a dresser she liked, but it had a large crack on the top. One of the volunteer handymen at the store repaired the wood at no charge. So, today Mom is taking a plate of brownies that she baked to the store to thank the gentleman and the rest of the volunteers who give so much, and so generously.


Keetha said…
What a lovely post! I love the way the spirit of kindness spreads and mushrooms - that is super.

I also love your goal to frequent locally owned businesses. I thought how I would like to do that, how I should do that last night. While I was at Wal Mart.

Onward and upward!

Again, great post.
larramiefg said…
I feel the same as Keetha does, yet will add that this is such a great way to get to know your "neighbors."
Anonymous said…
This is so important, Suzanne. Not jsut the generosity of the person who repairs at no charge, but also the reciprocation that your mother creates by bringing him a plate of brownies. I hope many friendships will spring out of it, and more. With so many people out of work, the ability to survive through people thinking in a sustainable and reciprocative way, is the only route I can see that we can all survive as humans, and with dignity. I really loved this post.
Anonymous said…
That's exactly the kind of stuff I was writing about yesterday .

Looks as if you are finding/building your own " village life " right where you are.

Well done!

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