Healthy Eating - Monster Turkey Sandwich

Me and my weight issues have entered a stalemate. I am eating healthier and attempting to lose weight to feel better. Easier said than done.

I love food and love cooking, and I've made a concerted effort to use fresh, healthy ingredients when I cook. However, my weight doesn't change. Which would be fine if I just wanted to maintain my weight, but not great if I want to lose weight. How to solve this conundrum? I haven't figure that out yet, but the challenge has inspired me to look for new ways to create healthy meals.

Consider this sandwich. I was inspired because turkey is considered a lean meat, although I am not normally a fan of the processed turkey that you find in the deli section of grocery stores. Too often it's bland in taste  and has an unpleasant slippery texture. However, on a recent supermarket trip, I gave into the impulse to try again in the name of 'diet' and purchased pepper roasted turkey.

The challenge was to create a sandwich using other ingredients to overcome what the turkey lacks.

I've started with a whole grain bread, the nutty texture adds just the right heft as a foundation for the rest of the ingredients. I've topped the bread with sunflower sprouts and slices of avocado and sprinkled both with sea salt and freshly ground pepper. The buttery richness of the avocado is a lovely contrast to the gently bitter crunch of the sprouts. (Ahem, yes, that is a teeny bit of mayo. But...since avocados are a recommended staple of the Flat Belly Diet, I think the one balances out the other, don't you?)

On top of the greens I pile the shaved pepper turkey and a generous slathering of Southwest Sauce to provide a piquant counterpoint to the pepper on the turkey (and yes, to give that turkey another helping hand). Finally, I graced the entire masterpiece with a slice of pepper jack cheese, not shown here because I'm trying to pretend that I'm being austere.

As for my diet, I suppose the next step would be to cut out the bread altogether and opt for a low-carb diet, the only option that's worked for me in the past. Actually, on a low carb diet, I could have added a couple slices of bacon to this sandwich...which would have been its crowning glory.

Isn't this a beautiful sandwich? Let's enjoy one more look...



Keetha said…
That looks like the best turkey sandwich in the history of the world.

Now I'm hungry!
larramiefg said…
Yes, it looks good BUT forget the mayo and slathering of Southwest Sauce, maybe even change the cheese. And then what are you drinking with that?

Much rather have a smaller sandwich with spicy mustard and a seasonal fruit to go along with it.
Sistergirl said…
I was on a blog walk and came across your site. I simply love the sandwich ideas.

I am also trying to eat more healthy and always trying to jazz up my lunch menu. Thanks

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