Out and About - Georgetown, Colorado

Now that we've finally moved into our new (rental) home, we've decided that's it's time to get out and start enjoying our adopted home state of Colorado.

Yesterday we took a day trip to Georgetown, a former mining camp established in 1859 to support the silver and ore mining in the region. This lovely town is nestled in a valley between towering peaks of the Rockies and a quick 30 minute ride on I-70, from Evergreen.

Its noteworthy features include a quaint Victorian main street with lovely art galleries and handmade candy and ice cream shops. A few blocks from downtown is the historic Loop Railroad, an hour-long ride on a steam locomotive, that runs between Georgetown and Silver Plume. What better way to spend an afternoon?!

Or so we thought...When we arrived at the train station we were told that dogs were not allowed on the train. As we'd brought Coco, my little yorkie, we had a decision to make... luckily she's gotten used to riding around in my oversized Cole Haan hobo bag, so in she jumped and away we went. (Although after an hour of having my red jacket draped over her head, she may have felt more like a kidnap victim than a day-tripper.)

Afterwards, Coco was freed and joined us for lunch at the Happy Cooker, a relaxed outdoor cafe, followed by a completely unnecessary ice cream cone....okay, and some chocolate fudge to take home, from Georgetown Valley Candy Shop (only because it was home-made, of course!).

Stay tuned, I hope to share more trips with you over the coming months.


Keetha said…
Nothing like a train trip!

I look forward to more posts about your excursions.
larramiefg said…
HA, I thought you were working. ;) What fun, wander again soon!
Erika Liodice said…
Exploring new places is so inspirational! Thanks for sharing and best wishes in your new home :)
Anonymous said…
When are we going to see some pictures ... your readers are getting impatient ...well one of them at least!

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