Snow in May in Evergreen, CO

 Last Thursday we woke to snow on the ground. I keep taking these pictures thinking that this time will be the last snow of the season, and I want to capture I turn on the news and hear that we might get another dusting of snow next week, so stay tuned for more boring pics of snow in my yard. Sorry I just can't help myself, I'm a Florida girl.


slow panic said…
It's kind of nice to see the snow. We are deep into spring here in Georgia -- verging on summer
Anonymous said…
Capture what entrances you and you can't go wrong. Even if the rest ofevergreen is going."Oh Suzanne, not aGAIN." Them's yer pics an' nobody else's pics, so hooray.
I heard about your snow today. My sister-in-law in Grand Lake received a foot. I remember high school, living in Denver. Seemed we gathered most of our snow in September and May. Hope it melted quickly and Spring returned.

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