It's May 12 and it's SNOWING in Evergreen

Let's see, the first day of Spring was uh,.....March 21? Well maybe in some parts of the country....but here in Evergreen, we've got snow in the middle of May! WOOT!

As I promised last week, I will continue to document snow days until I capture the last one of the season. (I've been told that it once snowed on the 4th of July).

For your viewing's what I woke up to this morning.

Update: It's now 6pm, guess what? It's snowing cats and dogs!


Anonymous said…
Gracious! It's beautiful there, but I am afraid my backside would grow larger with each passing month as I drank my weight in hot chocolate. I mean you can't enjoy snow days properly without HC can you ... even if it's falling in the middle of May.

Thanks for showing us what it looks like in your world. The sun is warm and bright in my little village Cornwall right now ... it may rain later as it frequently does, but it's light and bright for now.
Anonymous said…

I think I've seen snow 10 times in the 24 years I've lived where I live, and only in the last 2 did it look anything like this. In the UK< in general the country grinds to a halt if more than half an inch falls, no equipement to cope with it. This year we had it for weeks, and the chorus of, "I blame the government," was comical.

Coco must be sooooo confused, though!
Keetha said…
Oh, my!

Highs will reach in the lower 90s today. I can't feature it: snow in May!
Anonymous said…
That is absolutely beautiful. Sorry, I've never seen real snow and I imagine I would find the real thing too cold but I loved looking at these pictures.

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