For Those Who Serve - Let Us Pay Tribute

This morning I read a moving post by Elizabeth Harper on her blog Gifts of the Journey in honor of Memorial Day, specifically in tribute to Captain Eleanor Grace Alexander who served in Vietnam.

While most of us will celebrate this Memorial Day with family and friends at a cook out, a day at the beach, or some other activity to celebrate the beginning of summer, I hope we'll all take a moment to remember the real meaning of this day.

Today, and every day, we should remember those who serve our country both here and abroad, to protect us and others. Though we most often honor those who have died in battle as warriors, our military is also made up of men and women who serve in all capacities, from food service, to mechanics, to medics. They leave behind spouses and children for months on end, with no assurance that they will return at the end of their tour. Many of our military actually sign on for multiple tours, extending their exposure to danger beyond their original assignment.

When I lived overseas, I had the pleasure to meet men and women of our military and I must say that there are no finer people. They love our country and have dedicated their lives to its service.

Thank you to all who serve.



Anonymous said…
I loved this post Suzanne. Thanks from the child of a military family.

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