Our Visit to Vail and Birthday Greetings

My brother John and sister-in-law Heidi flew out from Florida to help me celebrate my birthday this year. We drove west to Vail and had lunch and then took the gondola to the top of the mountain to have drinks. It was a lovely day as you can see from the pictures below.

On my actual birthday, March 19th, Mother Nature gave me a spectacular gift of a foot of beautiful snow, which left us housebound. My birthday turned into a very fun day of making snow angels, sitting in front of the fire, playing gin rummy, listening to music from the 'Big Chill' (our era) drinking wine, eating cheese and crackers, and then later a dinner of homemade chili and salad finished by a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting made by Heidi.

It was a great visit. I'm taking John and Heidi to the airport tonight with gratitude for a wonderful visit and knowing I'll miss their loving companionship.


Anonymous said…
Belated Happy Birthday to you.
It sounds as if you had a lovely birthday.
Anonymous said…
Happy belated birthday, Suzaane. I'm so glad you spent it with people who love you and that you love.
Keetha said…
Happy Birthday to you!

Hooray for Heidi and red velvet cake. :-)

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