This being almost the middle of March, it is almost the midway point of my six month adventure in Evergreen. Tonight it's snowing for which I am incredibly grateful. It snowed two days ago and then by this morning, the sun and temperatures that edge up daily, had melted most of it. When it began snowing again late this afternoon I stood outside and watched it and wondered if one of these days I would be watching the last snow of this winter. This being Colorado, perhaps that's a bit dramatic as I've been told that they've even had flurries in June. Still, these days of snow fill me with gratitude.

Time seems to be moving more quickly now. I looked up and saw that I hadn't posted here in over a week. And when I tried to recall what I'd done in the past week, I realized that I would actually have to consult my daily diary to recall where the days had gone. 

I hosted a dinner party for my book club. I completed a freelance writing assignment, my first. I've started about four different books and finished one. I've cooked and cleaned and done laundry. And yet, a part of me feels as if these days have passed by in a fog, so quickly that I haven't noticed their passing. 

As I take stock of this midway point in my sojourn, my arrival seems so long ago, which is ironic given my juxtaposed feelings that time is also flying. But it does and in some ways I feel like a different person than I was when I arrived here in December, that I have changed. I'm writing more and trying new things. When I speak to friends on the phone they tell me I sound happier.

On the other hand, the rapid progress of days brings the old constant fear of what will I do at the end of May?  I don't know. The fear of the unknown keeps me up at night. And then I remind myself that I've faced the unknown before and somehow, things always come together at the right time. 

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slow panic said…
every day seems to change us. May will come and you will have an answer to what is next.
larramiefg said…
Here you are...finally! ;)

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