31 March 2010

  • Applied for 13 jobs
  • signed up for three new job alerts
  • 1 elance interview
  • Applied for 2 new elance jobs


Sounds like a productive day! Congratulations on that.:)

Mystery Writing is Murder
Anonymous said…
Interview! yeah!
RACNicole said…
Hi Suzanne, this is Nicole from Rent a Coder. Rentacoder provides access to programming, writing, illustration, even data entry jobs. (You can get a sense of the broad scope of work available here: http://www.rentacoder.com/RentACoder/SoftwareCoders/BrowseWork.asp).

I'd like to invite you over to our service since there are a few differences between our service and services like Elance that could influence your satisfaction and earnings (outlined here: http://www.rentacoder.com/RentACoder/DotNet/misc/CompetitorInformation/WhyRentACoder_ForSellers.aspx)

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can also call in to talk to a facilitator 7 days a week, or email us (see http://www.rentacoder.com/RentACoder/misc/Feedback.asp).


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