8 February 2010

Finally a good day. Okay, that's a bit dramatic and not true. I mean, today was a good day, but the 'finally' is a bit too much. There have been other good days here, I'm just too tough on myself to acknowledge them unless they're good on my terms.

Enough with the confessional/definitional, back to the good day. Today I have finally taken a positive step in taking control of my career. A friend of mine (L.) has told me that I'm not allowed to elaborate on projects/interviews/kissing frogs until they come to pass so that I don't jinx the outcome. So, let's just say that I am taking steps which will allow me to work for myself, or at least to dip my toe into the water and see how it goes....

I will still continue my daily job search for more 'traditional' corporate jobs that I can do remotely (read: at home or in Paris, Hvar, Friday Harbor, etc.) but I'm excited to give this a try and see if it generates a little pocket money or a full-fledged financially independent career. Fingers crossed.


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